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What Kind of Photocopier Should A Law Office Choose?

By Maple Copiers July 24, 2022

What Kind of Photocopier Should A Law Office Choose? And What are the Differences?

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Lawyers deal with a great deal of paperwork every day, and that means lots of photocopying. As the demands on lawyers continue to increase, so must their efficiency in dealing with this paperwork. The right copier can make all the difference in how efficiently your legal team operates. Let’s take a look at some of the features you’ll want to consider when choosing the right copier for your office and what kind is best for you. A law office requires very specific things from a photocopier, especially if it handles a lot of confidential documents. They need something fast, efficient, and secure – not something that will be out of commission after just a few short months.


Copy Features You’ll Want in a Law Office Copier

There are some major features you’ll want to look for when selecting a copier for your law office. • Capacity - Lawyers need to be able to deal with large document volumes. You don’t want to have to stop what you’re doing just because you ran out of paper. • Speed - You don’t want to be waiting around for important documents to be copied, so look for a copier that can keep up with your demands. • Copy Quality - You’re going to need to be sure you can read everything that’s on the page, and legal documents are often handwritten. • Security - You and your clients have a right to privacy, which means no one should be able to access your copies without permission.


Confidentiality and Legal Requirements

Lawyers deal with a great deal of confidential information, and that doesn’t change when it comes to photocopying. You’ll want to be sure your office copier is equipped with security features to protect that information. • Security Level - Look for an office copier with a high level of security, and make sure your staff is trained on its use. • Password Protection - Make sure your copier has password protection, and be sure to use it.



The best copier for your law office should be able to keep up with high demand and volume. Even a small increase in speed can save you hours of time each week. • Speed - Look for a copier with a fast first copy time, especially if you have a great deal of large format materials. • Multiple Feeders - Have several people on your staff photocopy at once? Make sure your copier has enough feeders to accommodate.


A Durable Machine

You’ll also want to be sure you choose a durable machine that can withstand the heavy use in a law office. • Toner Life - Look for long-lasting toner that doesn’t break down after just a few months. • Machine Life - Be sure the machine you’re considering is built to last. Check reviews to see how others have found it holds up.



When it comes to choosing a copier for your law office, you’ll want to be sure you choose wisely. There are a few key things to look for, and you’ll be on your way to a more efficient, streamlined operation. When you’re ready to shop for a new copier, start by making a list of the features you need. Then, head over to Copier Doctor and browse our selection. We have a wide variety of top-quality brands and models, so you’re sure to find something that’s perfect for your office.

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